Wyoming Park Bible Fellowship Core Values

Our Core values guide what we do and how we do it. Our core values are what we love most. When we’re presented with multiple “good options” these values help us prioritize our time and effort.

We Love God

God has created us and sustains us. In Jesus he rescues us. Through the Holy Spirit he gives us new life. Out of gratitude and love we offer him our love and worship – as musical praise on Sunday morning – and as a lifestyle throughout the week. To love God means to obey him and trust that he will use our obedience for his glory, our good, and the good of the world.

We Love God’s People

God loves his church, and so do we. We aim to be a Christ-centered community, where we can get to know one another, care for one another, bear one another’s burdens, and pray for one another. We value cross-generational and cross-cultural relationships. We want to function like a body, where each person uses their God-given gifts, as together we contribute our small part to the worldwide body of Christ.

We Love God’s Word

God has revealed his will to us in the Bible. Our ministries are Bible-centered. We aim to preach Bible-rich sermons, host Bible studies, make decisions based on Biblically-informed wisdom, and help our congregation read and study the Bible on their own.

We Love our Neighbors

God loves the world, and he wants us to share that same love with our neighbors. We believe we have a specific responsibility to our neighborhood, to meet whatever physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual needs God has equipped us to meet. We believe that the greatest need all humans have is the need to be made right with God. And so, we seek to love our neighbors by pointing them to Jesus.