Bible Fellowship Groups

BFGs are designed to help you connect to your church family in authentic and meaningful ways.

The purpose of the BFGs is to meet together to pray, discuss questions that review and apply each morning’s sermon, and to fellowship with one another.

BFGs are also encouraged to meet monthly outside of church for fellowship.


College & Career


Young Families / Ages 30+

Women of Faith

Women of All Ages


Families with Teenage Children / Ages 40+

Kingdom Seekers

Empty Nesters / Ages 50+


Senior Saints / Ages 70+

Which BFG Should I Join?

We cannot stress this enough: please join whichever BFG you feel most comfortable and at home with. The ages and life stages are just general descriptions and not rules.

Feel free to try a few BFGs out before you decide. And, feel free to transition to a different BFG whenever you feel ready.