We are a community of people who love Jesus Christ more than anyone or anything else. We also believe that the Bible is the written Word of God and it is therefore the highest authority possible for telling us how we should live our lives. Most importantly the Bible tells us how we can be forgiven for our sins and experience an eternal relationship with God our creator.

Wyoming Park Bible Fellowship is an evangelical church in the Baptist tradition. We are convinced from the scriptures (the Bible) that our mission is to go to all the nations and peoples of the earth and make disciples (followers) of Jesus Christ - baptizing them and teaching them to obey everything that Jesus taught.

God is the infinite creator who made everything there is, but as human beings we rebelled against Him and therefore we are all guilty of sin. Today, God is in the process of rescuing sinners by His grace. He is able to do this because out of His love for us He punished sin through the death of His perfect and sinless Son, Jesus Christ, and Jesus then rose from the dead on the third day - proving that his sacrifice for sins was accepted and complete.

Individuals must respond to this truth by believing it and thus decide personally that Jesus is the Lord and that He is the only way for us to be restored to a right relationship with God.

To believe that this is true, and to believe that it applies to me personally - that is what it means to have faith - and that is what God requires for salvation.