October 25, 2020

I Brought You Out

Religious people expend intense human efforts to please God by meeting his requirements – by obeying his laws and making sacrifices. Non-religious people ignore God and his laws and live their own way – by doing what is right in their own eyes.

Neither of those are Christianity.

Christianity recognizes that we are sinners and that we cannot meet the requirements of God’s law. But a perfect One already has – the Lord Jesus. In, from, and through his love for us, Jesus meets the requirements of God’s law and takes the punishment for our sin and offers us his free salvation by his grace. Through trusting Jesus, we respond to his gift of grace and are saved! This salvation transforms our relationship with God’s law.

“God called us out of slavery… therefore you shall…”

Speaker: Pastor John Dubois

Text: Exodus 20:1-2

Series: 10 Commandments