Dual Carriageway or Turnpike?

Dual Carriageway or Turnpike?

Did you ever notice people in Michigan talk about the freeway or the expressway, while people in Indiana or Ohio mention the toll road?  Go farther east & the same road is a turnpike. Others call express highways: “The Four Lane” even when the road has eight or a dozen lanes.

I enjoy English motoring terms:  An expressway with a median is a dual carriageway divided by a central reserve and the sidewalk is a pavement!

The names of common things interest me. When an item is a part of electronic technology then I start losing my hearing. My eyes glaze over when listening to conversations containing too many (three) technology references. 

Thankfully, my participation in Wyoming Park Bible Fellowship includes a sort of electronic technology finishing school. I am even taught the significance of social media, as found in the excerpts from two recent messages I received on my computer. 
“Ironic , isn’t it? An email of a tweet of a blog post by the WSJ.”

The author of the above message referred to an emailed message I sent regarding a ‘tweet’ or Twitter message which had been forwarded to me about a blog post put out by the Wall Street Journal newspaper. 

This prompted the following from one of my “instructors” on the WPBF, leadership team:
“I saw that on twitter already this morning…and heard about it on a podcast.
  I will instant message my loved ones and see if they are struggling.  wink

The Information Highway or World Wide Web brings the potential of harm or excellent help.

Here are some excellent resources from the web:

http://www.esv.com  This is the English Standard Version of the Bible. This new translation is an excellent work for the beginner or the advanced student of God’s Word. I also recommend the ESV Study Bible.

http://www.tjstoner.com  Timothy J. Stoner is an area man who has theological & legal training. His website shows the depth of his scholarship and his love for God’s Word.  Read and be challenged. Tim will not disappoint you.

http://www.scottgarber.com  Scott Garber is a friend of many years. Until recently he was lead pastor for a church on Capital Hill in Washington D.C.  .  Scott has a section on his website called: Unconventional Wisdom. I recommend his present essay, #85, The Prevailing Myth. 

And most important: http://www.wpbiblefellowship.org  Our church’s website is just plain grand. It is easy to use & very frequently updated. I have yet to find a church of equivalent size with the same quality website!

Use these sites. Learn from other believers. Rejoice in God’s goodness to His family.


Becki Watson said:

Thanks for the kind words, Tim. I know it’s hard to step outside your comfort zone and embrace new technologies. I appreciate you.

01/13/11 at 1:01 pm

Tim Bos said:

You are welcome, Becki. Thank you for so carefully explaining each new step.

01/23/11 at 8:40 am

Becki Watson said:

I wish you wrote more blog posts. smile

05/19/11 at 2:11 pm

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