What is a Missionary to the City of Wyoming?

Wyoming is certainly changing. The peoples of the world are coming to live here. This creates many challenges, especially as the fiscal crisis of the greater United States has hit especially hard in Wyoming. Students who speak a first language other than English in Wyoming Schools is simply an amazing number, even to their school administrators. I’ve lost count of the number of foreign languages one can hear within Wyoming.

One of my principal tasks is working with the Wyoming Community Youth Coalition. Our congregation was the first local church to join this coalition. The After School Resources & Program Committee meets monthly in our church’s building. I am a member of this committee. When the weather was nicer we even met from time to time in The Attic. Lord willing, when the roof top unit is installed, we can meet there again.

Did you know public school councilors are very impressed with our Attic and the many programs held there? Your work as a congregation to prepare a location for young people is noticed and very much appreciated.

Another of my tasks is to find more places for our congregation to become even more involved in this community. It is one of my greatest joys to find people seeking help for their city. The public schools are coming to the churches asking for help. The city itself realizes the great benefit of godly congregations & now often works with churches instead of apart from them.
Another of my joys is finding other believers working in the public schools, in city government, and in secular organizations, who want to enlist the help of fellow Christians. They are pleasantly surprised a local congregation would designate a “Missionary to the City of Wyoming”. Thank you for allowing me to serve God with you.


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