Visit or Research, Which is it? Part One

I’ve promised to post again on this leadership blog. Really, I did promise.

It isn’t that I’m not communicating or writing, or thinking or reading or any of those things which hopefully indicate my brain is functioning. The problem is no postings left my computer & traveled into the ether that supports blog posts.

We recently had the Richard Rees family of Thailand with us. Gwen Pierce is still in Michigan for another few days. She leaves for Wisconsin, the first Wednesday of September by the Lake Express Ferry, followed by a road trip to a location close to O’Hare International Airport outside of Chicago. By the end of September’s first week, Gwen will be in the British Isles for a three month visit.

Why do I mention Gwen’s travels? Good question, keep reading.

In just over one month five people will be visit Romania from Wyoming Park Bible Fellowship. I will leave on October 16th arriving in Sibiu, Romania on the 17th. Donna along with Jessica Miller, Jeremy Tobin, and Steven Kopp leave on October 23rd for Romania. They also land in Sibiu. They are to arrive on the 24th.

Again, why the travel news?

Gwen is visiting Great Britain to see supporters, a few distant relatives, and to look once again at her vastly changed homeland. She will be there to investigate future options for a potential retirement location and most importantly she will be meeting the faithful people who supported Gwen & her late husband George on their missionary endeavors in Thailand for over 40 years. Dare I say she will be on a research trip to consider if the United Kingdom or Ireland is where our Lord will have her settle in some future day? Yes, it is a visit to communicate & to learn. 

We are going to Romania to study how our experiences in the ministries of Wyoming Park Bible Fellowship can help other churches of similar size who want to better reach their neighborhoods for Jesus.

We will be traveling on a research trip. This is more than just looking, we will share what God is doing through a small Wyoming, Michigan congregation. Some of us will even preach or teach in Romania.

Central, Southern Romania is a region with a historical hostility to the Gospel. It is a place of superstitions and strong religious fervor, without any clear basis for said beliefs in Scripture.

I’m excited to report: A change is in the air.

About two months ago, there was a Christian concert & evangelistic services in Ramnicu Valcea. The final night there were over 1000 people attending the program. They sat on rough concrete benches in the open air, for a time under rain showers and stayed for nearly THREE HOURS. There was an excellent concert and several short messages, plus the main evangelistic message.
In the 12 years Donna & I lived in Romania, we never saw a service of this length where so many visitors stayed in Ramnicu Valcea. The most we ever saw at a service might have totaled 350 people. They came one time.

This evangelistic rally was several nights with 300 people attending each evening without the concert, and on the final night over 1,000 people came to listen to a concert & hear God’s Word carefully proclaimed.

End of Part One

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