God is Transcendent [Young Explorers Recap 2/26]

God is Transcendent, meaning he is exalted far above the created universe.

Beth Moore’s The Law of Love [Video Trailer]

For our Spring Ladies’ Bible Study, we will be studying Beth Moore’s The Law of Love: Lessons from the Pages of Deuteronomy.

God is Just [Young Explorers Recap, 2/19]

God is Just: He always does what is morally right and fair.

Selective Hearing

When I was a kid I spent a lot of time at my friend C’s house. His dad had some seriously selective hearing. If we were in the same room as him we had to practically shout to be heard. But, when I would spend the night we would often stay up late watching TV. The TV was in the living room downstairs and C’s dad slept upstairs. We would turn the TV down as low as possible and sit really close. Even then, it seemed, C’s dad would come down stairs and tell us the sound of the TV was disturbing his sleep. I think we eventually resorted to using those wireless TV headphones, sharing a single pair, straining to hear the improv show In Living Color.

God is Faithful [Young Explorers Recap 2/12]

God is Faithful

Despite Doubt: Sunday Night Series starts 2/23/2014

Everybody doubts; Christians, Atheists, scholars, students, pastors, even you. What do we do with those doubts? Are they beneficial or harmful? Are they essential for faith or do they hinder it? If you’re troubled by doubts, how do put them to bed?

God is Infinite [Young Explorers Recap 2/4]

God is Infinite: He has no limits, and his attributes have no limits.

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