On Faith: Life Without Fear

I want to live a life without fear.

When I was in High School and Middle School I feared a lot of things. I feared being lonely, being left out. I feared failure. I feared those around me I saw as being popular and powerful. I feared death. More specifically, I feared what would happen to me after I died.

Moses, the man of faith, learned how to live a life without fear.

Everything We Need – Where from?

Where does the “everything we need” come from?

On Faith: Rube Goldberg Machine

I struggled for a while on how to teach Hebrews 11:20-22 to the Attic After School kids. The first challenge was to figure out what in the world these verses had to do with faith. Before this we saw great acts of faith from Noah and Abraham - guys who really went out on a limb to please God.

These verses are about Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph doing something that by comparison, seems a lot less daring - giving speeches before they died. Isaac is blessing Jacob. Jacob is blessing Joseph’s sons. And Jospeh is giving instructions about his bones. Bo-ring.

Five Dangers to Your Faith

There are many dangers, internal and external, to your faith. These five share a common theme: they are each the result of simple neglect.

Advice for College students

My first year of college was a positive experience (and so were my second, third, fourth, fifth, etc.) It was a time for me to gain a greater sense of self-identity and to reaffirm and “own” my childhood faith. I didn’t know it at the time but it was also a perilous period of my life. Since that time I’ve seen how the failure to engage with a Christian community in college can seriously damage a college student’s faith.

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