Church Values: Church has Value

The response of worship is first of all a posture of the heart, mind, and will. But, like all religious responses, the internal “heart” response must always be followed by actions (James 2:14-26, 1 John 3:17-18). So, if we are to worship God properly we must do so not only in our hearts, but with our actions as well.

Book Review: Church for the Fatherless

“Our culture’s decision-making created the mythology of the superfluous father.” -Jonetta Rose Barras


Christmas is when the “radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being” came to earth, and dwelt among us.

By Faith: Delay Gratification

I heard about a study where researches offered young children the choice between getting one marshmallow now and waiting for a few minutes to get two marshmallows. Some kids took the single marshmallow while others waited and received two. As the researches followed the lives of the kids, they discovered that those who waited generally did better in life. This is the principle of delayed gratification and it is a very important life skill.

Christmas Program Videos

Here are the videos featured in the Christmas Program last night—we seriously have the cutest/most talented kids at WPBF!

Church Values: Leadership Accountability

Over the past few weeks, Pastor John and I have been trying to highlight some of our church values. A couple weeks ago I did a blog post on our value of “holistic Gospel mission.” Yesterday, John spoke to our church about our value to have accountability in leadership.

On Faith: Believing the Impossible

I knew this was an unsafe question to ask – “what do you want, wish for, hope for, that you believe is impossible?” This is how I should have expected the middle and high school students at Attic After School to respond.

A Great Light

I love the way the Bible uses “light” as a metaphor.

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