Donald Trump Tells Liberty Students to “Get Even”. Really?

Donald Trump gave the convocation speech at Liberty University’s earlier this week and it should surprise no one that he said some controversial things. I haven’t listened to the speech, so I don’t have the whole context, but I was taken aback by one line:

“I always say don’t let people take advantage - this goes for a country, too, by the way - don’t let people take advantage. Get even.”

The Unique Task of the Church

I was blessed to attend the West Cannon Pastors conference over the last two days. Kevin DeYoung and Michael Horton were the speakers and both did an excellent job. One message from Kevin DeYoung, on the mission of the church, had me saying “amen.” I was so excited, in part, because his message resonated with a recent experience of mine. First, I’ll share the story, then I’ll share a little of Kevin’s message.

Swiper, the helpful fox?

“Swiper is getting the ball for Boots out of the volcano”

A Faith of Our Own – Book Review

I thought my upbringing was pretty political but after reading A Faith of our Own I don’t think it holds a candle to Jonathan Merritt’s. He grew up in the highly politicized church culture of the South. In his book, he questions the wisdom of such a close wedding of faith and partisan politics. He also describes how younger evangelicals are reacting against this strategy of political engagement. The question Merritt addresses in his book is whether this is simply a knee-jerk reaction of the young and idealistic, or whether it actually comes from a deeper reflection on the Bible and the Gospel as demonstrated in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. He also describes the various forms this “reaction” takes. Here are two:

A Faith of Our Own – C.S. Lewis Money Quotes

I’m about half the way through Jonathan Merritt’s A Faith of Our Own and hope to post a review once I finish. For now, however, I want to mention a couple of quotes that sum up a lot of Merritt’s thesis (so far anyway). Ironically, these quotes aren’t from Merritt, they’re his quotations of C.S. Lewis.

What I meant to say is… posted a story about my book project, “Prayers for My City: Wyoming”. The article gets the basic idea across but many of my quotes are, well, terrible.

Review of The Juvenilization of American Christianity

The Juvenilization of American Christianity by Thomas E. Bergler is one part history book and one part critique of what he calls the “juvenilized” version of Christianity.

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