Jesus is King - Justice

“It’s not fair!” 

More times than we’d care to admit, those are very true words.  Life is mostly, “not fair”, I think.  And, even when it really might be “fair” - it often doesn’t feel like it.

The “Get it Done” Committee

It’s easy to talk about getting things done. It’s easy to debate pros and cons. It’s easy to plan “to do” items. It’s even easy to start something. But what’s difficult is to finish something. To get something done. To finish takes courage and dedication, strength and organization. It takes a special person to get something done.

Jesus is King - Wisdom

I wouldn’t know what to do first to begin solving some of the really big problems in our world today.  I’m not that wise - but I know someone who is! 

4th of July Parade Update

Just wanted to say a quick word about the 4th of July parade. First, I’d like to thank everyone who…

Jesus is King - Rewarder

Should a follower of Jesus pursue a reward?  Isn’t that selfish?

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