Jesus is King - Example

What does God really want from us?  What does he want us to be like?

Young Travelers 2011

Young Travelers 2011 was a huge success! I want to thank all of you who made Young Travelers possible through your faithful prayer and tireless efforts.

We had more kids attend this year’s Young Travelers than we’ve had since 2005: fifty registrations! It was exciting to have that many kids! I think there are lots of reasons why so many kids came out, but here are a few I would like to highlight:

Jesus is King - My Privilege

Being a King is a great privilege - after all - being a king is like… being a king!  But, if you weren’t a king - what would be the next best thing?

Jesus is King - Provider

What does Jesus provide, that no other king or politcal leader could ever hope to provide?

Jesus is King - Rights

Citizens have rights - but what about a King?  What rights does a King have?  Or, more specifically - what rights does Jesus - the King of Kings - have?

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