Learning to Glory in My Weakness

It’s ironic, but the times I feel the most despair, the most anxiety, and have the lowest self image are the times…

Jesus is King - Coat Walker

What is a “Coat Walker”

Something Awesome Happened Last Week

Something awesome happened at WPBF last week. But it was put into motion months ago.

Gratitude, not Guilt

I have been learning something about myself lately. I’m full of pride. Not the “I’m proud of who I am and where I came from” pride. Not the “Sunday School answer” kind of pride. The bad kind. The arrogant kind. The selfish kind.

Jesus is King - Rex Lex

Is it “Rex Lex”, or “Lex Rex”?


I used to pride myself that I was not a worrier and that I was a patient person. But as we live our lives according to the Lord’s will and plan for our lives, he continues to make us more like him and therefore, he tends to work on areas in our life that is not reflecting his image. Which also means some growing pains.

Jesus is King - Already

It doesn’t matter whether we believe it or like it; Jesus is the King.

Young Travelers 2011

It’s hard to believe it, but it finally looks sort of not-winterish outside. No more snow—praise the Lord! I thought that it would never end!

We finally get to start thinking about summer! And with summer comes…

King: A Difficult Term

For the next several weeks I’m going to use my blog posts to reflect on what it means that Jesus is King.

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