Practicing Heart Attitudes

In Young Disciples, we are studying the Beattitudes. What we have been focusing on is practically applying these “heart attitudes” in our day to day lives. To help the kids do this…

Ignore the big 12

A couple of years ago we taught the kids in our Young Explorer’s program to memorize Romans 11:33-36.  It’s a high worship song (or poem), starting out with, “Oh, the depths of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!”, and ending with, “For from him and through him and to him are all things.  To him be the glory forever! Amen.” 

Time accelerates

I was dreading this post, because, well, it ages me.  Yep, I’m going to say something about how fast time goes.  Only old people say that.

I wish I had time

I have a lot to do, but I don’t have time.  There is a lot I want to do, but I don’t have enough time for that either.

This is not a “it’s not that you don’t have the time, it’s just that you don’t make the time” lecture.  Nope, I’m admitting straight up on this one:  I really don’t have enough time. 

What happens next?

I’ve been thinking about time.  Last week I reflected on the significance of every moment, both for now and forever.  The “now moments” of life all together add up to eternity - the never ending experiences of my “everlasting life” in Christ.

This week I want to talk about this question: What happens next? 

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