Friday Five: 5 New Year’s Resolution Ideas from Ecclesiastes

Struggling to find some New Year’s resolutions? Here are some suggestions inspired by the big ideas of the book of Ecclesiastes.

  1. Find joy in everyday life (Ecclesiastes 3:12-13): In your daily prayer life commit to giving thanks. Better yet, over dinner with your family give thanks for the blessings of your day.
  2. Remember God in your youth (Ecclesiastes 12:1): The New Year is a great time to refocus and commit to regular times of prayer and Bible reading. Read through the New Testament. Pick up one of WPBFs devotional guides. Set aside time each day to turn your heart and mind to God.

Dreaming Big

I’ve been doing a lot of dreaming lately about what the next step for our Children’s Ministry would be, and then what the next steps after that would be. How can we maximize our resources? How can we use our facilities more fully? What would be awesome for the kids of Wyoming? How can we get more kids in the building more often? 

Warm Fingers & Toes Project Video

Here’s the video from the Young Explorers Winter 2010 Awards Ceremony and the Warm Fingers & Toes Project. Enjoy!

Friday Five: Five Things to Remember on Christmas Morning

  1. It’s all about Jesus: Take some quiet time to consider what you’re celebrating – God coming to earth to redeem the world. Growing up my family read through the Christmas story. I think that’s a good tradition to bring forward.
  2. You have a family: As transplants in GR sometimes my wife and I sometimes feel a little disconnected around the holidays. It’s good for us to remember that we have a church family who loves and supports us. On Christmas, it’s also good to remember that Jesus is our “eldest brother.” (Hebrews 2:11)

Warm Fingers & Toes

The Warm Fingers & Toes Project is a way for our church to love the children that attend our Wednesday night program (Young Explorers).

Individuals and families from WPBF “adopt” children from Young Explorers by picking up a gift bag that has a child’s name, age, grade, favorite color, and favorite candy. Then, they fill the bag with warm mittens or gloves, a fun pair of socks, some school supplies, and a movie-theater size box of their favorite candy.

On the last night of Young Explorers before Christmas, we hand out each of the bags that were prepared specifically for each child. It is so fun to see how excited these kids get for their very own Christmas present.

Last Wednesday (December 15) was the third annual Warm Finger & Toes Project Christmas party. We had them sit around the big Christmas tree in the corner of the auditorium this year, and the atmosphere was just perfect. You would be surprised how excited these kids get to receive their Christmas presents—even though they’re just gloves and socks!

One of the boys, I will call him Curtis, tore his package open excitedly to see what type of candy he had gotten. I could tell immediately he was disappointed. Holding up a large package of “Laffy Taffy,” he couldn’t keep the tears from his eyes when he exclaimed…

Friday Five: Five things I’m thankful for this Christmas

  1. New life: This is my baby’s first Christmas and while she won’t remember it, we sure will.
  2. Roots: After years of school and living in apartments, it’s good we can begin the process of putting down roots.

What is a Missionary to the City of Wyoming?

Wyoming is certainly changing. The peoples of the world are coming to live here. This creates many challenges, especially as the fiscal crisis of the greater United States has hit especially hard in Wyoming. Students who speak a first language other than English in Wyoming Schools is simply an amazing number, even to their school administrators. I’ve lost count of the number of foreign languages one can hear within Wyoming.

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