Tim Bos

Tim organizes and facilitates global and local outreach activities for WPBF.  Prior to coming to WPBF, Tim and his wife, Donna, served 12 years as missionaries in Romania. Donna served two years as single in South America and four more in Honduras. Tim served for over a year in Liberia and three in the USA.

Tim values striking a balance between local and global outreach efforts, and is excited to reach into the changing neighborhoods of Wyoming Park for Jesus.  Tim is an executive board member of the Wyoming Community Youth Coalition. This coalition consists of private citizens, nonprofit agencies, local churches, public school staff, city officials, and law enforcement personnel. He hosts monthly meetings for the After-school Resources and Progams committee of the WCYC in our own Attic.

Tim is thankful to work on expanding spiritual minitries in Wyoming and helping our own church reach out to our neighborhood. Donna is a court translator for Spanish and Romanian speakers. Tim and Donna have a son named Thomas.

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Visit or Research, Which is it? Part One

I’ve promised to post again on this leadership blog. Really, I did promise.

It isn’t that I’m not communicating or writing, or thinking or reading or any of those things which hopefully indicate my brain is functioning. The problem is no postings left my computer & traveled into the ether that supports blog posts.

Dual Carriageway or Turnpike?

Did you ever notice people in Michigan talk about the freeway or the expressway, while people in Indiana or Ohio mention the toll road?  Go farther east & the same road is a turnpike. Others call express highways: “The Four Lane” even when the road has eight or a dozen lanes.

What is a Missionary to the City of Wyoming?

Wyoming is certainly changing. The peoples of the world are coming to live here. This creates many challenges, especially as the fiscal crisis of the greater United States has hit especially hard in Wyoming. Students who speak a first language other than English in Wyoming Schools is simply an amazing number, even to their school administrators. I’ve lost count of the number of foreign languages one can hear within Wyoming.

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