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Steven Kopp along with his wife Marjory and children (Summer, Benjamin, and Rachael), currently live in Wyoming. Originally from Petoskey, Steve came to Grand Rapids to attend Grand Valley State University where he got a degree in computer science in 2005. After graduation he started work as a software engineer. Steve graduated from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary in 2010 with a Masters of Divinity with an emphasis in Pastoral Studies.

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Does God Exist? The Moral Argument

Does God exist? In the first of a series of eight posts, I’ll explore the Moral Argument for God’s existence. If an objective moral reality exists, that reality must be founded in God.

Discipleship and the Body of Christ

Every church is faced with the following question: How do we go about making disciples, mature followers of Jesus. One way we try to do this at our church is by having a “discipleship process.” This process is intended to cover the basics of what it means to follow Jesus. The “steps” of this process are Worship, Connect, Grow, and Reach.

If we relate discipleship process to the body of Christ metaphor we can see, through a new perspective, why each of these is important.


Here’s the interesting thing in Galatians. Paul takes pains to emphasize the freedom we have in Christ which is freedom from these lists (in his case circumcision, special observance of certain holy days) but in Galatians 5 we still see two lists. The first list is a “vice list” and the second list is a “virtue list.” ... Virtue and vice lists are common for Paul. So, we might ask, why can Paul make lists and we can’t? Or, rather, what makes a list a form of legalism (in opposition to the gospel) and what makes it legitimate (springing from the gospel)?

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